Import of “Name”, “Middle Name” and “Lastname” fields

Sometimes we need to import file with fields "Name", "Middle Name" and "Lastname", which should be seen in a contact card.


If while importing you choose system fields “Name”, “Middle Name”, “Lastname” or “Surname” of the Contact, unfortunately, they won't be seen in a contact card. In order to add these fileds in a contact card you should create new custom fields of the Contact while importing.

In your excel file you should have separate columns “Fullname”, “Name”, “Middle Name”, “Lastname”.


While importing the file in amoCRM, create new fields "Name", "Middle Name" and "Lastname" by choosing New custom field -> Contact -> Type: Text as specified on a screenshot.

After fields’ creation, just import the file. Fields "Name", "Middle Name" and "Lastname" will appear in a contact card as it’s specified on the first screenshot.

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