Sources of Leads

This widget is designed to show how the incoming Unqualified leads break down by the sources they came from.

Please note that the widget will work only if :

  • Unqualified Leads section is activated;
  • it is available for the user;
  • there are Unqualified leads for the chosen period of time. Available periods of time for Dashboard are day, week and month:

How to check if Unqualified section is activated:

  1. It is activated if you can see Unqualified leads in the Leads section:

  2. In section Leads click the button “MORE” and check of the switch for Unqualified is in “on” or “off” position:

How to check if you have the rights to see the Unqualified section:

  1. the user who doesn’t have corresponding permissions, the switch for Unqualified section is not displayed at Leads >> MORE:
  2. Administrator can check in Settings >> Users & Rights if the box “Unqualified leads” is checked for a particular user:

There are 5 possible sources of leads that you can see in the widget diagram:

    • “from site” – all the Unqualified leads that came from web forms integrated with amoCRM are counted here. Only leads from amoCRM built-in web forms or amoForms plugin forms are taken into account in this case.
    • “phone” – all the missed incoming calls that showed up in Unqualified leads are counted here.
    • “mail” – all the incoming emails from email addresses that are not already assigned to any contact or comapny, and that were sent to an email integrated with amoCRM will be counted here
    • “API” – all the Unqualified leads that showed up in amoCRM as a result of certain developments using our API will be counted here
    • “Chat” – in case you have an online chat integrated (Facebook  or Olark chats integrated in Leads section), all the Unqualified leads that originated from chats will be counted there.

Note: This widget takes into account only Unqualified leads. Meaning that new leads that were created in any status other than Unqualified are ignored here.

How it works:

What do different colors mean?

Unqualified leads are counted only for the activated sources of leads. Active sources of leads will be displayed in the widget with one of the following colors:

  1. lilac
  2. blue
  3. yellow
  4. red
  5. green

Inactive sources of leads will be marked with grey color in the legend.


How are the calculations done?

The biggest number of leads (for a single source) is considered as 100%. For all the rest active sources of leads the share is calculated as the ratio of number of Unqualified leads from a certain source to the 100% value.

How is the diagram built:

  • source of leads  with the biggest number of Unqualified leads – the one that is considered as 100% – becomes the outer circle, and its line takes up ¾ of the whole circle.
  • other rings are built relative to the outer ring
  • the fewer leads came from certain source, the closer this source is to the center of the diagram and the shorter its line is.
  • the order of sources of leads on the diagram depends on the breakdown of Unqualified leads by the source for the given period of time (day, week or month) and does not depend on the user

The widget is designed to be only a visualization tool. It is impossible to see the actual data by clicking on the widget.




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