Formstack - is a service that allows for creating online web forms and posting them on your website as well as importing information from the web forms to amoCRM.

In order to install Formstack widget in amoCRM account you will need to register on the website

Then in amoCRM account to Add-ons & Exnetnsions section, find Formstack widget and press the button Install:

In the opened window press the button install in order to install the widget:

Then Formstack page will open - if you are not logged in in Formstack, you will need to do that. If you are already logged in, then Formstack will ask you to confirm granting amoCRM access to your Formstack account. To confirm press Authorize:

Then you will need to match the fields of your form in Formstack with the fields in amoCRM. The matching is done in amoCRM account Add-ons & Extensions section - you will need to click on the Formstack widget. In the opened window you will see the list of the forms that you have in Formstack. Choose the form you need and match amoCRM fields with the fields of the form. Then press Save to save the changes.

Now once the client submits the form on your website, new leads/contacts/companies will be created in accordance with how you matched fields while setting up the integration. If you set up a lead to be created (matched the fields of the forms with lead fiedls in amoCRM) then a new lead will be created in the first status of your pipeline.

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