Integrate from with Google Analytics

If you use Google Analytics statistics, you will be able to get more information by simply ticking the checkbox “Use Google Analytics” in the settings.

 For a more detailed analysis of the advertising campaigns and pipelines you can make additional settings in Google Analytics.

Setting up goals in Google Analytics

Create a goal (Administrator - Goal) with 3 easy steps:

  1. Select the template
  2. Enter any name. Type - Destination
  3. When configuring sequence as steps, specify the name of the page or screen (as in field Goal).
    • Purpose: /amocrm/payment
    • Value: assign any value of the conversion.

Important! In Google Analytics, we enter /amocrm/form and /amocrm/payment.

If you change these settings your link will be broken.

The next time the form is submitted, the lead will be uploaded to amoCRM with UTM tags. Google Analytics will receive data on the number of page visits: /amocrm/form (This can be viewed in real time or in reports). When the lead has reached status “Closed won”, Google Analytics will receive the lead and information that your page /amocrm/payment was visited.

Disabling Google Analytics will not remove your data for integrity purposes. Therefore, you are unable to remove Google Analytics fields from your amoCRM account.


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