How to set up a web form

Web forms can be created directly in amoCRM account. Go to section Leads, then press the button “... More” and in the opened window click on “Add form”:

Then a form builder will open where you will be able to choose fields for the form and set their names, choose the name of the form, upload an image and change properties of the submit button. The code of your web form (which you will need to paste on your website) will be generated in the form builder as well.

In the advanced settings located in the bottom of the form builder you can set up how data from web forms will show up in amoCRM:

  • Filled in forms might be uploaded to amoCRM as a new lead, or as an unqualified lied - by default new leads are created, but if you tick the box “Add requests to unqualified leads”, data will be added to unqualified leads
  • Lead status: choose from the list the status of the transaction, which will be automatically assigned to new transactions.
  • Responsible user: Select the appropriate user in the field "Responsible". All submissions will now be assigned to the chosen User.
  • Create task: By selecting "Create task" option, a task will be assigned to each transaction received from the form.
  • Tag: enter the tag name in "Tag" field or select the desired tag from the tag cloud. Each transaction will now have the specified tag(s) associated with it.
  • Form submitted text: to create notes associated with submitted forms, click within the field “Form submitted Text” and enter your desired note.
  • Use Google Analytics: to connect and work with Google Analytics, select the checkbox "Use Google Analytics". After saving your settings, lead cards will automatically display non-editable Google Analytics fields and UTM tags.
  • Show form in popup window: The form on your website displayed in a model window when clicking on the button "Fill the form". Check box "Show the form in a separate window"

Custom CSS code to edit the style of the form. Paste your CSS code into the "Custom CSS" field.

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