How to create and edit forms

amoCRM Built-in form-builder:

Web forms are a handy tool that allows for creating forms right in your amoCRM account and publish them on any website or landing page. Each account has its own single form.

Each form filled in by the client on your website will show up in amoCRM as a new lead and will also contain info on the client from Google Analytics (if this option os enabled in the settings).

Each successful lead is a target in your Google Analytics and this way you gain control over the whole sales pipeline in the internet.

Create and edit forms in amoCRM:

Web forms can be created directly in amoCRM account. Go to section Leads, then press the button “... More” and in the opened window click on “Add form”:

If this is the first time you create a form a default form will be created with 3 standard fields:

  • Contact name
  • Contact phone
  • Contact email
  • Note (Lead)

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