How to generate and pay for the order

To pay for your subscription you need to generate an order for the correct amount of licences and chosen plan.

  1. To create an order go to section Settings -> Billing:

Choose subscription plan you’s like to purchase - Base, Advanced or Enterprise.

2. Enter the number of licences you need - this is the number of users that you plan to have in your account:

3. Choose for what period you’d like to extend your subscription

Important: Payment can be made in USD only.

4. On the grey background to the right you will see the info on the order parameters of which you have just set:

Let’s take a look at this order:

We chose Base plan, 3 licences for 1 year.

For purchases for 1 year we grant a discount - 2 months for free. Payment is made in USD.

Total amount of the order is calculated the following way: (15 * 3) * 10 = 450 USD

5. To proceed with the payment click on the button “CHECKOUT”
6. In the pop-up window choose method of payment - with a credit card or via Paypal:

  • Pay with a card: enter the following info on the card with which you’re going to pay:
    • card number
    • card holder - enter the name of the card holder exactly as it is indicated on the card
    • month and year when the card expires
    • CVV code of the card
    • choose whether you’d like to set up recurring payment - if you activate this option then each time your subscription expires your card will be automatically debited for the same amount as in the order that you have just generated. So each time your subscription expires, a new order will be automatically generated, with the very same parameters as the one you’re paying for right now.

Note: if you don’t check this box, then you will need to generate a new order manually in your account and pay for it to extend the subscription.

After you fill in all the required details, press PAY NOW:

  • Pay via Paypal: To pay with your Paypal wallet click on the button “or Pay with PayPal”. You will be redirected to the page where you will need to enter your payment credentials

After successful payment for the order, the order itself will be shown in status Paid (and marked with green) on the Billing page below.

Note: if you choose to pay with PayPal, but then do not proceed with the payment, the order will be generated in status Pending (and marked with red) and will be shown at the bottom of the Billing page. The same will happen if you enter invalid card details and then do not proceed with payment using correct details.

If you enter valid payment credentials and generate a correct order it will be processed instantly and your account will be activated for the chosen period of time and for the indicated number of licences.

Important: if you paid for an order and it is shown in status Paid in your account, but the subscription wasn’t extended, contact client support to investigate the issue.

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