How to restore password

In case you have lost access to your amoCRM account and need to restore your password, there are 2 ways of how you can do it:

  1. The administrator of your account can restore the password in section Settings -> Users & Rights.

If you are the admnistrator of the account go to Settings, then section "Users & Rights".

Find the user for whom you need to restore the password in the list of all users and press the icon of a pencil.

In the opened menu of user settings enter new password and press Save button.

  1. You can also regain access to amoCRM account by yourself.

Open log in page of your amoCRM account and click on “Forgot?”

Enter your e-mail adress, which you use to log in to your amoCRM account and press "Send password".

Within 5 minutes you will receive an email with a link following which you will be able to reset your password. Follow that link or copy it to the browser address line.

If after more than 10 minutes you don’t receive the email, please check Spam folder or apply to the administrator of your amoCRM account.

After you followed the link in question, enter the new password, then confirm it and press “Change password”.

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