How to edit and delete pipeline statuses

When business is growing and evolving, processes become more complex and sometimes you need to edit pipeline statuses and delete those that are not used anymore.

To edit a pipeline status.

  1. Go to Settings, then Pipeline settings

2. Now you can change names, colors and the order of the pipeline statuses

3. Do not forget to press Save button after you made changes

Sometimes you just do not use certain pipeline status as it is not up-to-date. In this case you can simply delete this no longer used status.

To delete a pipeline status

  1. In Pipeline settings section click on an icon of a bin. All leads that were in the status that has been deleted will be in the first status of your pipeline.


Important! “Closed - won” and “Closed - lost” are system statuses. It means that you can change their names, but cannot delete them.

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