General info on Security

Secure authorization

When you log into your account you can be sure that your session will not be stolen and used to steal your data. Users’ sessions are stored in special database tables, have limited life time, its identifier changes once every few minutes, which makes it useless to steal.

Location of servers

In order to insure reliabilty of the system we use geografically distributed network of servers all over the world. All the data is being constantly synchronized between thus excluding any losses in case of an emergency.

Security of the servers

Our servers are located in a special data-center under 24/7 monitoring. This data center is equipped with the modern fire prevention system, standby power supply, security system against physical unauthorized access to the servers, packages of data transmitted between your computer and amoCRM. We have all the resources to ensure stable work of the system 24/7. All the data exchanged between your browser and our servers is secured with SSL certificate. 128-bite encrypting mechanism rules out any breaches.

Data leaks

Relationship with our customers is governed by the public offer, which reads as follows: All of the files, data and other information You store in our service will be kept confidential. We do not use this data provided by your company for any purpose whatsoever. Keeping your data confidential is our top priority. There have been no cases of data leaks, though had it happened, our reputation would have been ruined and we’d have lost all our clients.

Access to the data bases

It is only you who have access to your data. None of our employees except 2 of them has access to the administrative panel and our servers. We do not use your data for any purpose whatsoever and do not disclose it to any third party. Our main purpose is to provide an excellent service and not to prejudice interests of your company. We store and keep secure all your data and take all the security measures needed.

Restoring deleted data

If you accidentally deleted your leads, contacts or companies, you can always restore them. In each of the corresponding sections in amoCRM there is a folder “Deleted”, where all the data deleted during the last 30 days is stored. You can restore this data at any moment. Only users with the rights of administrator have access to this folder.

Data backup

There are 2 layers of our backup process:

  • Data bases are copied to the reserve server in real time. Which means that we have 2 identical data bases at any given moment of time. Should the main data base collapse, we will activate the reserve one and your data will not be lost.
  • Each night we automatically copy all your data save it on the secure storage device. This way we will be able to restore the system even if all the servers of the project crash.

In case of breach of your data you will be able to restore it. You can also restore deleted data right in the amoCRM interface.

If in “Deleted” section you cannot find the data you need, please send a corresponding request to our support email indicating the following information:

  1. Exact or presumable cause of the data being deleted/altered in your account
  2. Exact date for which you’d like the backup data to be restored (Attention! We do the backup copy each night, so if you need to restore the data as of August 12, 2015, indicate the date for 1 day earlier - Augst 11, 2015. This way you will receive the data as of August 12, 2015 00:01.

Each such request is considered by our top management on a case-by-case basis. After we decide on providing the backup copy our manager will contact you to confirm the data for the backup. After that the manager will issue a request for the backup to the technical department.

After we restore the backup copy of your data by our technical department you will receive a link to the restored version of your amoCRM account which you will be able to view and from which you will be able to export data.

The link will be active only during 2 working days starting with the date when the link was sent.

Important! Any other actions with the data, apart from exporting data - creating, deleting and etc. - cannot be performed in the restored account for the technical reasons.

We also keep database binary logs, which means that we will be able to restore all the data even in case of an emergency, in case the main and reserve bases collapse and access to the external storage devices is lost.

Reserve copy

For our clients to be able to level up security of their data, we have an option of sending reserve copy of the data in a file to the registered email address.

In the Enterprise plan you can set up getting backup copy in Excel format - just follow the instructions below:

  • go to the section Settings
  • open “Security”


Here you can either choose to “Create a Backup now” (by clicking on the corresponding button) or set up automatic backup downloads every week or every month - in this case files with the backup data will be sent to your email address.


In the file that will be sent to you there will be all the data from your account, namely:

  • all leads
  • all contacts
  • all companies
  • all tasks
  • all users

The data from the file is not intended to be imported back to the account and are only supposed to be saved at user’s end and to be viewed in Excel.

In secion Settings -> Security the date of the last backup is displayed:


If amoCRM is not available

Any internet service can experience unexpected problems, for example with the server. That doesn’t happen often, but please rest assured that in any case you will not lose any data.

In case of any emergency within the shortest period of time all the requests will be reforwarded to the working server. We will work on eliminating the problem while you will be able to continue your work.

If you cannot access amoCRM, you can log in to your account via the backup server For access via the backup server, follow the link and confirm the transition.

To enter your account via the backup server, use the link -

Where “yoursubdomain” is the address of your account which you can see in the address line or if in the account you go to the section Settings, then General Settings and look up the field “Address”:

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