WordPress (short code)

WordPress (hereinafter - WP) is a free content management system. With this integration you will be able to post a web form that you set up in amoCRM account (using built-in form builder) on your Wordpress website by simply copying its shortcode. This way leads and contacts will be added automatically in amoCRM when the form is filled in, and you will get Google Analytics integration to track the activity. 

If you already have a website developed on WP, you can skip the first step in the instructions.

1. Install WP

First of all you will need to install WP client from the website www.wordpress.org:

After that upload the distribution kit on your web server. More info on how to install it you can find here 

And of course create a website.

2. Activate the plugin

In order to activate integration in your WP account go to section Plugins - Add new - and enter amoCRM WebForm in the search bar and press Install:

Afterwards go to Plugins - Installed Plugins and activate it:

After you activated the plugin you will need to copy shortcode of your web form for WP. You can find it in your amoCRM account in section "Leads" -> "...More" -> Add Form:

Built-in form builder will open where you can set up a form and to see what it will look like on the website. Below the webform you will find WP shortcode:

Copy it and paste on the selected page of your WP website, then click Update:

Then you can click on View Page to see how the page looks after the form is published. 

Now, when the client fills in the form, all the data he entered will be uploaded to amoCRM as a new lead and contact (depending on which fields you set up in the form).

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