Win-lost analysis

The first report in the Stats section is Win-lost analysis. This report is built automatically by the system. In order to get more of it you can use different built-in filters:

Filter by lead status:

Active and Closed:

  1. Closed - the leads that are currently in status “Closed - Won” or “Closed - Lost”.
  2. Active leads - all the leads except for the closed ones.
  3. All - all the leads in your account


Filter by sale or amount:

  1. if you choose option “By amount” then the share of each status will be calculated for the amount of leads in each of them.
  2. If you choose option “By sale”, then the shares will be calculated based on the sales budget of leads in each status.


You can also apply filters by the date of creation of the lead, by the responsible user, tags or your custom fields:


Note! In amoCRM you cannot filter by the closing date of the lead. Therefore, if you’re setting up the date for the report, it will be filtered by the date of creation, but not the closing date.

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