How to create a to-do

You can create To-dos to remind managers to make certain action with a lead, contact or company. There are few ways to create a To-do. One of them is to create To-do assigned to a lead, contact or company.

  1. Go to a contact, company or lead card
  2. Press the clock icon

3. There will be a window for adding To-do details

4. Set up date and time when the To-do is due.

You can choose from drop-down menu “Tomorrow” (next day), “Next week” (To-do will be set for the next Monday), “Next month” (To-do will be set for the 1st day of the next month), “Next year” (To-do will be set for the 1st day of the next year).

You can also choose a specific date by clicking the date field and choosing the date in drop-down calendar. Press the field “All day” to set up the time. There are three ways to set up the time:

    • Choose a default time from the list (there are half an hour intervals between options)
    • Choose “All day”. To-do will be set for all day.
    • Enter the exact time.

5. You can choose responsible manager to which this to-do will be assigned.

Press the field under date/time field and choose the responsible manager.


To-do can be assigned to only one responsible manager. Nevertheless, if a manager has rights (Settings - Users & Rights) to see the contact, company or lead, he will see To-do assigned to the contact, lead or company although he is not the “Responsible manager”.

For easier navigation you can assign existing and creating new types of to-dos. You can choose a default type from a drop-down menu (follow-up or meeting) or create your own type. The new type will appear in the drop-down menu.

  • “Follow-up” means any contact with client or company. It can be a phone call, email, etc.
  • “Meeting” implies arranging an appointment.


Press the option “Other” and enter the title to create your own type. Each new type is created with a clock icon. If you delete the last created To-do with a custom type, this custom type will be also deleted.


Add the description of the To-do, use a text field under “Type”.


After you filled in all the fields press the button “Post”. To-do is saved now!


There is another way to create To-do.

  1. Go to section Calendar
  2. Press the button Add To-do

3. Fill in details of the To-do in the opened window. The To-do can be attached to a contact or lead. Just start typing name of the contact or a lead title in the field under the date/time field:


If you don’t fill in the field for Contact or Lead, there will be a To-do not attached to any contact or lead.



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