How to create a tag

In order to distinguish one contact from another by any special feature, you can add custom tags. For example, to reflect buyer’s preferences when choosing the product, add it as a feature to buyer’s contact, so that the manager could always take that into account.

To get started with the tags go to the contact’s, lead’s or company’s card and press the button "add tags" at the top, next to contact’s, lead’s or company’s  name.


Next, in the opened menu, you can select a tag from the cloud of existing tags, or create a new tag by simply entering its name:

When you enter tag the system matches the symbols you enter with already existing tags and shows the matches. You can always select a tag from the cloud, or create a new one by typing its name and pressing «Enter»:


If you want to use more than one tag, press Enter key after you add a tag.

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