Export of leads

How to export leads?

  1. Go to section “Leads”
  2. Click on “... MORE” in the upper right corner
  3. Click on “Export” in the drop-down window

Next step is to choose the format in which the data will be exported:

  • Export in Excel - leads will be exported in .xls file recognized by Microsoft Excel
  • Export in CSV-file - a type of format also recognized my Microsoft Excel and used to import data to different programs


Important: You can click on “Export all found leads” and all the leads from the account will be downloaded. However there is a system limit imposed on the number of leads that can be exported at a time - not more than 500 units. If there are more than 500 leads in your account, then in order to export the whole data base you will need to click on each number displayed to the right from “Export all found leads”. This way you will have several files with 500 leads in each.

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