How to import a file

Import can be done in the following sections of amoCRM:

  • Contacts:
    • Contact Name column is mandatory in this case
    • if there are no names of the contacts in your file, you can enter the value “No name” in the column Contact Name;
  • Companies:
    • Company Name column is mandatory
    • if there are no names of the companies in your file, you can enter the value “No name” in the column Company Name;
  • Leads:
    • Lead Name column is mandatory;
    • If you wish to import leads, but don’t have leads names in your file, for the import to be executed correctly you can name the leads in the file the following way: Lead1, Lead2, Lead3 and etc.

Attention! You can import any type of data from any of the sections mentioned above. For example, leads can be imported from the section Contacts.

However, automatic matching of certian fields in the file and amoCRM is done based on the section from which you do the import. For example, if you launch import in Leads section the data from the column Note will be imported to the notes to leads in amoCRM (unless you manually adjust the matching yourself).


In order to import the file:

Prepare the file for the import. Working templates can be downloaded right from amoCRM account - you can find them if you go to:

  • Contacts or Leads section;
  • Click on “... MORE” in the upper right corner
  • Choose import:


  • in the opened window click on “Download example”:


Based on these examples we created a file that we’d like to import to amoCRM - please see the screenshot below:

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