Wufoo - is an American service, with which you can create a contact web form, publish it on your website and save info from the form to amoCRM account.

In order to install this extension you will need to register an account with Wufoo on their website - http://www.wufoo.com/:


After the registration follow the steps below to install the extension in amoCRM account:

  1. In Settings section go to Add-ons & Extensions
  2. Choose Wufoo

Enter your subdomain and API-key of your account with Wufoo:

In order to receive Wufoo API key you need to create a web form. To do that in Wufoo account go to section Forms and then press the button “Share”:

In the opened window press the button API Information in the upper right corner:

In the opened window the API-key will be displayed, this API-key you can enter in amoCRM account to set up integration:

After you enter API key and subdomain of your Wufoo account, click on the button install - in case everything is correct your Wufoo form will be uploaded. If you click on it, you will be able to match the fields of the Wufoo web form with the fields in amoCRM account:

  1. Entry id - sequence number of the client
  2. Name - client name
  3. Email - client email address
  4. Phone Number - client’s phone number
  5. Date Created - date when the form was created
  6. Created By - name of the user that created the form
  7. Last Updated - date of the last update of the form
  8. Updated By - name of the user who was the last to update the form

After you match the fields, once the client fills in the form on your website, a new lead/contact/company will be created with the specified fields. A special tag that will look like  “Wufoo_zm2c6bs0sbc6tw” will be assigned to the new leas/contact/company, the symbols after “_” are the id number of the integrated form.

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