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If you have a website developed on WordPress platform (not cloud version of it), you can try our free WordPress form builder fully integrated with amoCRM.

To install the plugin go to www.wordpress.org, log in to your account and in Plugins section enter amofroms to the search bar.

Then click on “Install now” in the window with search results:

Integration is set up completely on WordPress side, no settings need to be done in amoCRM account.

After amoforms plugin is installed, it will show up in the menu bar on the left (see 1 on the screenshot below). Start working with the forms by clicking on “Add form” (see 2 on the screenshot).

In section Edit fields you can edit your form design:

  • Design themes - form template - there are default templates to choose from available if you click on Design themes
  • Name position - choose relative positions of field names and names themselves with the values - field names might be displayed to the left of the fields, above the fields and inside the fields
  • Field form - choose the shape of the form - two options are available - square angled and with round edges
  • Border - choose whether you’d like to frame your border
  • Font - choose the font of your form
  • Form background - you can choose background color or use a picture (choose from default templates or upload your own image)

There are additional settings for each field - just point the mouse on the field and click on “Edit”. Apart from it you can copy a field with all the settings or delete a field:

The following settings are available for the fields:

  • Field name
  • Description и Description position
  • Default value - the value that will be automatically filled in by default
  • Placeholder - the value which will be displayed in the field (might be an explanation) and which will be removed once the client starts filling in the field.
  • Required (Yes or No) - if the field is marked as Required, then the client will not be able to submit a form without filling in this field.

After adjusting all the settings, save the changes by pressing “Save”.

You can add new fields from the Fields section to the right - new fields have certian type (e.g. Heading, Phone, email and so on). Choosing correct field type is important as once you integrate your form with amoCRM, when creating leads and contacts the fields will be recognized by their types.

In Form Settings section you can set up general settings of the form and actions that will be performed after the form is filled in.

General settings:

  • Form name - will be displayed on the menu bar to the left
  • Form status -Published or Draft - if you choose Draft status, the form and all the changes in its settings will not be displayed on your website unless you add the code manually.

Confirmation settings:

After the form is filled in the client might see the following:

  • a text message (e.g., informing the client that the form has been successfully submitted) - message format (color, font type, aligning) is set up below the cofirmation types (see on the screenshot below)
  • another WordPress page
  • any other web page

In Email Settings section you can set up parameters of the message that will be sent to you (to a specified email address) when a form is filled in on your website. In this section you can also set up integration with amoCRM:

  • to set up email notifications you will need to enter the following info:
    • Your name - the name, which will be displayed in the field From of the notification email
    • Email Subject - all notifications will be delivered with this subject line
    • Email To - enter email address to which you’d like the notifications to be delivered

  • to set up integration with your amoCRM account you will need to do enter the following info:
    • login of your amoCRM account - email address to which your user is registered
    • subdomain of your amoCRM account - subdomain is a part of the web address of your amoCRM account - subdomain.amocrm.com, otherwise you can check your subdomain by going to Settings -> General Settings -> the field Address, or simply click on the profile picture in the upper left corner and then on the button Contact Support on the pop-up window below.
    • API key - API key can be found in the profile: click on the profile picture in the upper left corner and then click on “profile”. In the opened window at the bottom you will see your API key. .

After enetering all the information, press the button Save:

In Form Preview you can check what the form looks like with the current settings:

Instructions on how to install amoforms plugin can be also found here, and you can read about how to create a form and set it up here and here.

To publish the form on your website go to the setting of the page on which you’d like to post the form and press Add form on the tool bar:

Then choose the form you’d like to add forn the drop-down list:

The code of the form will be displayed in the field for editing the contents of the page:

After you publish the form on your website and set up integration with your amoCRM account all the data from the forms filled in my your clients will show up in your amoCRM account as Unqualified leads.

Client fills in the form on the website:

When the form is submitted you will receive a notification about it on the email address you entered in the corresponiding settings:

Moreover in your amoCRM account in Unqualified section of the pipeline you will see the request created from the submitted form:

Such unqualified request can be either accepted or declined:

  • To decline the request - point the mouse on the request and click on the red cross which will appear to the left. Declined unqualified leads will show up in Deleted leads in amoCRM.
  • accpet the request - that basically means create a new deal, it can be done in 2 ways:
    • point the mouse on the request and click on the green arrow - the request will then be assigned to the first status of the pipeline
    • simply drag and drop the request to the chosen status

When you accept an unqualified lead (drag and drop it to the chosen status), a new lead and contact will automatically be created in accordance with the field types chosen while creating a from in WordPress. Moreover, to such a lead a tag “Wordpress” will be assigned.

In case in the created form you have fields which you do not have in your amoCRM account, then once the data from the first submitted form is recevied, needed custom fields will be created in amoCRM. This rule is applied only to the first web form integrated with your amoCRM account. For the rest of the WordPress forms that you will integrate with amoCRM all the new fields (the ones you do not have in your amoCRM account) will be uploaded to amoCRM as notes to the lead/contact.

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