Main Settings

After you registered your amoCRM account you can personalize your account.

The first parameter - Account name

Account name is displayed in the name of the browser tab and will add a personal touch to your account.

Just enter the name of account in the corresponding field. In most cases company name is chosen for the Account address.

Save changes and new Account name will be displayed in the name of a browser tab.

The second parameter - Address

Account address parameter makes it easier to access your amoCRM account. After you set up this parameter, Internet address of your account in amoCRM

Important! After you set up new address for your account, the old address won't work anymore. Don't forget to tell other users new address of your account. Only latin and numeric symbols are can be used for the address, special symbols and spaces are not allowed.

You can also set up date and time format and your geolocation.

Important! Some extensions verify the time in the account with the time on the website. In order to avoid discrepancies, set up your actual time zone in the account.

The last parameter - Leads currency

Leads currency helps to track leads sales and the general profit.

Important! The currency you set will be the same for all the leads. Unfortunately, at the moment it is impossible to use different currencies for different leads.

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