How to delete/deactivate a user

If a user no longer works in your amoCRM account, you can delete this user from your account.

To delete a user:

  1. Go to Settings (left menu button), then Users & Rights
  2. Press and hold user you want to delete, drag to a Trash icon in the lower right corner

The system will ask you to reassign all the user data to another user. Choose a manager (default option in this case is you) who will be responsible for contacts, companies and leads of the deleted user.

You can also disable a user in case you want to limit his access to your amoCRM account.

You can always enable access to deactivated user in contrast to a deleted user. All the data will be reassigned back to this user.


How to deactivate and activate back the user:

  1. In section Settings -> Users & Rights choose a user and press a pencil icon next to his/her name

2. Uncheck the box to deactivate the user or check it in case you want to deactivate the user.

Important! Disabled or deleted user does not occupy a licence in your account.


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