Scoring setting

Scoring settings are individual for each company in accordance with the way they manage leads and arrange their sales process. We in amoCRM thought about that too - in your account you can set up scroring of leads exactly the way you need.

For accurate adjustment of scoring settings you can change the values of components.

In amoCRM account go to Settings -> Scoring and set up the range of values from minimum to maximum. For your convenience we would recommend using a scale equivalent to the percent range - from 0 to 100, where 0 when lead is absolutely unlikely to be won and 100 when the lead will definitely be won.


The next step is to assign a numeric value for each status of the lead. For example, if the lead is in Initial Contact status, chances that it will be won are not very high - you can assign the value 10 to this status. And if the lead is in status Signing of the agreement - chances to win the lead are much higher - for example, 85.

After assigning numeric values to the statuses, you can do the same for the custom fields. For example, you have a lead field where managers note, if the client has a discount promocode. Quite naturally, if the client has such a promocode, the lead is more likely to be won.

Now as we set up values of the components, we need to indicate the formula of how scoring value for a lead will be calculated.

We can take lead status as the main component - A

Then let’s say that the second field in our example (promo code) adds +15 to the probability of winning a lead, so our formula will be A+B.



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