Filters in to-dos

Display modes

In section Calendar the data can be displayed in the following ways:

  1. To-do line. This mode shows only of short term to-dos. To-dos are displayed in the form of the table with three columns: overdue to-dos, to-dos for today and to-dos for tomorrow.

2. Day. To-dos set for the chosen day in the form of the schedule are displayed. The day breaks down into hours.

3. Week. To-dos set for the chosen week in the form of a calendar are displayed. Each day of the week breaks down into hours.


4. Month. To-dos set for the chosen month in the form of a calendar are displayed.


5. List. To-dos are displayed in a form of a list which is segmented into the following sections:

    • Overdue tasks.
    • Tasks for today.
    • Tasks for tomorrow.
    • Tasks for the future.


The preset filters

  1. My to-dos. To-dos of the manager under which you are logged in are displayed.
  2. Overdue tasks. Tasks with the expired deadline are displayed.
  3. Completed to-dos. Completed to-dos are displayed.
  4. All to-dos. All to-dos for all managers are displayed.
  5. Deleted. Deleted to-dos are displayed. This filter is available only to the administrator. To-dos are displayed in this section within 30 days from the moment of removal, then they are removed finally.


User filters

  1. By date. Two options are available:
    • By the date of creation
    • By the closing date

2. By type. You can choose one or several types of to-dos and display all to-dos of these types.

3. By the status. Two options are available:

    • Complete tasks. The carried-out tasks are displayed.
    • Incomplete tasks. Open tasks, including actual and overdue are displayed.

6. By the manager. To-dos assigned to the chosen manager are displayed.

7. By the author. To-dos created by the chosen manager are displayed.




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