Dashboard filters

In Dashboard section you can filter data by several parameters.


You can determine the period for which information on a dashboard will be displayed. There are three options:

  1. Today. All data on a desktop will be displayed for today. Comparison will take place with previous day:

2. This week. Data for the current week are displayed. Comparison with the previous period is carried out according to a day of the week. For example, if you look at the dashboard on Thursday, comparison will be made with four days of the last week (Monday till Thursday).

3. This month. Data for the current month will be displayed. Comparison with the previous period is made according to day of month. For example, if you look at the dashboard on 2.06, comparison will be carried out with two days of the last month (1.05. - 2.05.):

My and All filter.

You can adjust the settings to display only your data or the data for all the employees of an account. To do that follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on My in the upper right corner of the screen. Thus only your actions will be displayed in all the sections of the dashboard. This filter doesn't apply to List of events:


Click on All. This way actions of all users in the chosen period will be displayed:


2. Filtration of the list of events. Recent activity section displays the list of the events in the account. Press the icon of an eye in the upper left corner to open filter settings. You can choose, what events to display:

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