Goal report

Setting up goals is available only on the subscription plans Advanced and Enterprise. Only Administrator of the account can set up goals.

In order to set up the goals follow the steps below:

  1. Open Stats section
  2. Go to Goal Report
  3. Click on SET GOALS in the upper right corner

4. Click on “Activate goals”

5. Choose the period of time for which the goal will be set. Available options:

    • month
    • quarter
    • year

6. Define the period of time: if you chose month, choose the calendar month. If you chose the quarter, then choose one of the 3-month quarters. If you chose year, then choose the specific year.

7. Set up the goals for the users. Goals are set by 2 parameters:

    • by the leads budget
    • by the number of leads

You can set up leads by any of these parameters or by both at the same time.

If you have created groups of users, goals can be set up for the group. They will automatically break down evenly for all the users which belong to this group.

After all the settings are made, save the changes by clicking on the SAVE button in the upper right corner.

Filters in goals

Filters in Goals report work with the following parameters:

  1. Lead sales budget
  2. number of leads
  3. responsible users
  4. period of time

To open filter option, do the following:

  • go to the Stats section
  • open Goals report section

In the opened window:

  1. choose the group you need by ckicking on “All groups” in the upper left corner
  2. Choose “By budget” (or by number) to filter the goals by the budget of the closed leads


In the left-hand corner there is a button “Filter” by the click on which other filter options are available:

This way Goals report might be filtered by:

  • managers/groups
  • months
  • years

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