Report by activities

In the report by activities you can choose any of your managers and view statistics on his/her activities for the chosen period of time.

You will be able to see what to-dos the user completed, how many leads and contacts are assigned ti him/her, how much profit he/she brought to the company, in which spheres his/her performance was below the required level and in what parts of the business-process he/she fulfils the plan.

Report by activities will allow you to control your managers effectively.


The report is divided into 4 parts - leads, contacts, to-dos and events. Let’s take a closer look at each of the parts.


In the leads area you can see how many leads the manager is working with, how many leads are not closed yet, how many leads this manager created during the chosen period, how many were closed successfully and how many were lost. You can also look up the budget of these leads.


In the contact area you can see how many contacts or companies were created for the chosen manager and how many contacts were created by the manager himself.


In the to-dos area you can see to-dos by type, including custom types. You can see how many to-dos the manager is currently working on, how many were assigned to the manager, how many are overdue and how many he/she completed.


In the events area you will see what your manager has been doing during the chosen period of time. For example how many notes he/she added, how many calls he/she made, how many leads, contacts and companies he/she created, how many files attached and so on.

You can also apply the following filters to the reports:

  1. Date - choose the date for which the report will be generated
  2. Managers - choose the user or users for whom the reports will be generated

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