Consolidated report

Consolidated report provides general information on leads, contacts and to-dos in your account showing the data in a dougnut chart and a graph.

In order to view the consolidated report click on the Stats section on the menu bar to the left and then click on Consolidated report:

To view the report by different segments you can apply the following built-in filters:

  1. by the date of creation
  2. by manager (responsible user)
  3. by tags

There are 3 sections available in the consolidated report:

  1. Leads
  2. Contacts
  3. To-dos


In consolidated report on the leads only those statuses are shown in which currently there are leads (for example, if in your pipeline there is a status “Agreement signed” and currently there are no leads in such status, then it will not be included in the report). For each status the following info is displayed: number of leads, total sales budget and share of these leads relaive to the total number of leads in your account. You can click on the number of leads in each status and this way go to the Leads section where the leads will be filtered by this status.

Doughnut chart illustrates the share of each status relative to the total number of leads. Leads per user demonstrate the same number of leads, but the break down is done not by the status, but by the responsible user. This report, like the previous one displays only those managers who have at least one lead assigned to them (if there is a manager in your account who hasn’t got any leads on him, then his name will not be displayed). Total sales budget and its share relative to the total amount is displayed by the same rules as the ones applied for the previous report. And just like with the report by lead status, you can click on the number of leads assigned to any manager to go to the Leads section and to see the list of leads filtered by this manager.

In the Consolidated report for the leads the following filters might be applied:

  • date of creation
  • lead status
  • responsible user
  • any custom field
  • tags

Important: Filters by the closing date are not available.



Consolidated report on the contacts shows the contacts by 2 types - contacts and companies. Total number of contacts of both types as well as their share in the total number are displayed. If you click on the number of contacts of any of these types then Contacts section will open showing the list of contacts filtered by the chosen type. The number in the middle of the doughnut chart shows total number of contacts.

Contacts per User. The list of managers shown in this report displays only those managers who have at least one contact assigned to them. For each manager you can see the number of contacts for which this user is responsible, its share in total number of contacts. If you click on the number of the leads per user, then Contacts section will open showing the list of contacts filtered by this manager.

Contacts in this report might be filtered by the date of creation, managers and tags.



Consolidated report for the to-dos works the same way as the previous 2 reports and displays info on the to-dos by their type: those types are shown, in which there is at least one to-do. The report also show the number of to-dos of each type and its share in total number of to-dos. If there are to-dos assigned to deleted or deactivated users, you will see the line “Deleted users”. Report on to-dos can be filtered by responsible user and by tags.


Under each report there is an acitivity graph that shows the number of created units for the chosen period. This graph can be generated for the day, weeks and months. Dots mark the beginning and the end of each such period and the numbers mean the amount of leads, contact or to-dos created during this period depending on the chosen parameters.

Example graph below shows the number of to-dos created day-by-day:

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