How to delete a tag

Over time, while working with amoCRM you might need to change or remove certain tags. For example, if the tag is not connected with the contact, company or lead anymore.

To delete the chosen tag, you should double-click on the tag’s name.


 If this tag is used in only one contact, deal or company, it will be removed from the system and will no longer be available for quick add.

In order to delete a tag that is used by several contacts, leads or companies or to change tags for all of them at once, filter your search by tags


Enter name of the tag that you want to delete and press “Apply” button.

In new window mark all the contacts, leads or companies that you want to manage.In the pop-up menu above press "edit tags" (marked by red line on the screenshot).


In this window, double-click on the tag or tags in the bar (marked by red line on the screenshot)


This tag will move to the tag cloud.

If this tag is not used by any company, lead or contact, it will be deleted from the system.

In this window, you can also create or add new tags from the tag cloud to the selected contacts, leads or companies.


Important: For each of three types of units (leads, contacts and companies) a separate list of available tags will be created. For example: If you create the tag “Site Request” in contacts, it will not be available for leads. If you want to use the same tag in leads, you need to create it there too.

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