Filters in Leads

In order to view leads filtered by certain parameters, you can use the search bar - it already has built-in filters on leads.

You can use the search bar on top of the screen to search leads. Leads will be searched by the lead title, as well as by the contents of all custom fields.

Also, you can use ready-made or custom filters to find only those leads that meet certain parameters, such as the lead in the status "Closed - Won".

Lead filters

  1. Date/Period of time – filter for searching leads by opening or closing date - you can choose to display leads open/closed on a certain date or during a certain period of time;
  2. Lead status – filter for searching leads by the status;
  3. Managers – filter for searching leads by the responsible user;
  4. To-dos – choose to display leads with to-dos or leads without to-dos;
  5. Tags – filter for searching leads by their tags;

After setting up the filter, press "Apply" button.

Important Filters in amoCRM are mutually exclusive, in the case of applying 2 or more search filters at the same time, search results will display leads that meet all search parameters.

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