Creating tags while import

For quick and easy access to the imported files we provided for tags to be created automatically for all the imported contacts/companies and leads. Such tags include the date and time when the data in question was imported. So if import took place on January 1, 2015 at 10.15, automatically assigned tag will look the following way: import_01012015_1015. Such automatically created tags cannot be deleted.

Tags can also be assigned to the imported data while you do the import. To do that go to section Contacts (or Leads), then click on “...MORE” in the upper right corner and choose “Import” from the drop-down list:


Then choose the file from which you’re going to import data. Afterwards, the window “Import settings” will open. There click on the field “Create tag” and either enter a new tag or choose one from the available cloud of tags:


Chosen or newly created tag will be assigned to the imported cards (of contacts/companies or leads) together with the automatically created tag that indicates the date and time of import.



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