Import Settings

In order to open Import Settings follow the steps below:

  • go to Contacts or Leads section
  • click on “... MORE” in the upper right corner
  • choose “Import” from the drop-down list
  • in the opened window click on “LOAD FILE”
  • choose the file you want to import data from
  • Import Settings window will open:

Import Settings:

  • Delimiter - is identifed by the system automatically depending on the format of the chosen file.

If you need to choose delimiter yourself, then the following options are available:

  • comma
  • semicolon
  • tabulation

Important: If you choose incorrect delimiter, then all the columns will be merged into one.


  • Checkbox Do not import the first line (contains field names) - allows for choosing to import or not the first line of the table (the headings of columns that will be used to match data from the file with the fields in amoCRM).


To import a file correctly the data in the file need to be matched with the fields in amoCRM. It can be done the following ways:

  • choose those fields from the list of existing fields in amoCRM, that correspond to the columns in your file
  • choose “New custom field” to create a new field of a chosen type to which the data from the column in question will be imported;
  • choose “Do not import” if you wish the data from this column not to be imported in amoCRM

Matching the fields: to match the fields follow the instructions below:

  • click on the grey cell below the column you want to import. In the drop down menu you will see the list of fields available in amoCRM;
  • Choose the one that matches the data from the column. Please note that all the fields are divided into 3 groups (fields for the leads, contacts and companies)

Important: Some of the fields (e.g., “Phone” and “E-mail” for contacts and companies) are absolutely identical, therefore while doing the import:

  • choose the field “Phone” and “E-mail” from the group Contact to import the data to contacts cards;
  • choose the field “Phone” and “E-mail” from the group Company to import the data to companies cards;


  • if in amoCRM there is no field with the same name as in the file, by default the option “Do not import” will be chosen. If you confirm this option, then the data from this column will not be imported;
  • if you want to create a new field into which the data will be imported, then from the list of options for matching choose “New custom field”, then the following window will open:


Set up:

  • the name of the new field
  • to which unit type this field will be assigned - Contact, Company or Lead
  • field type

Then press “Save” to save the settings.

If you import the field of the type Checkbox, Select or Multiselect, then while importing a checkbox “Automatically add items to list”


If in the file there are options in the list that are not registered in amoCRM, they will be added automatically if the above checkbox is ticked.

Some data might occupy a number if columns in the file (for example, first name, last name, or address divided into columns Zip code, Country, City and Address), but it can be imported into one field in amoCRM. While importing the file you will need to match the fields manually in Import Settings. When the import is done, amoCRM will automatically merge the columns into one.




Create tag:

Option “Create tag” in Import Settings allows for adding a custom tag to all the imported leads, contacts or companies.

Important: During the import to all the imported leads, contacts or companies a tag “import_date_time” is assigned automatically (this option cannot be deactivated)

Save template: Option “Save template” allows for saving the way fields are matched and the chosen delimiter. The template then can be used for importing other files. Please note that you will not be able to delete created template.


After the matching is done, press “Next” and the import will start:


What you can do from here:

  • click on “Continue with CRM” and continue working in your account:
    • import will be running in the background
    • import will be done in parts. if you see that not all the data from the file was imported, please try to wait till the import is done;
    • after import is complete you will receive an email notification about it. Important: Don’t launch new import, until you receive an email notification that previous import is complete.

After import is done you can view imported files in your account:

  • go to the section in which you did the last import (Contacts or Leads)
  • click on “...MORE” in the upper right corner
  • choose “Import”
  • click on “Show imported files”:


You can also view the imported data right after the import is complete. If you do not choose importing filed in the background and wait till the import is done you will see the following message:

Here you can do the following:

  • click on “Continue with CRM” and be transferred back to the section which you were working with prior to the import
  • click on “Show imported data” - the list of imported contacts/leads will open in the account



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