Importing Lists

You can import your own lists to amoCRM. Click on “...” and then “Import”


You will see the following window:


Click on the “Load file” button, and select your file (xls, xlsx, ods, csv format). Then you will see the import settings:


At the bottom of the table, you should select which field will receive the data from each column. amoCRM will automatically suggest importing into existing list fields that have similar names (eg, from your file’s “price” column into the list’s existing “Price” field).

If the field names in your file do not match the field names in your list, you can choose the appropriate existing field, create a new field name, or choose not to import this field. Here, we add data from our file’s “number” field to our list’s “SKU” field:

Click “Next” to continue importing:


You can continue work with amoCRM not only after importing but while importing too. The result:


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